EGospel Children's Books



We have developed two Christian books, one of which is a coloring book.  Each book comes with a lesson plan for use by Sunday School teachers, moms, etc.  These are meant to teach young children about Jesus and to teach them about Creation (Genesis).

These books may be accessed, below.

  • The King is Coming.  This full color book teaches about Jesus.  It is designed to be displayed on a computer and read by the teacher to the children.  Each page may be printed for teacher use and/or distribution to the children.

( Go to Page 19 Ctrl P).  Each page prints in black and white, like a coloring book should be.  Copies can be made, stapled, and handed out to the children.


Each book has a companion lesson plan.


Printing from Android or a web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox,..) is sometimes very difficult.  Someday our print icon may be activated, but for now just display the page and enter a Ctrl-P, holding down these two keys simultaneously.  The browser will print your screen, your page.


Go to a book:


The King is Coming

     Lesson Plan

In The Beginning Coloring Book

     Lesson Plan


God Bless You!