Tamil    Coloring

                      The Messenger Matters


Suppose that you owed a debt, say $50,000.00 USD, to a close friend named Henry.  Now when it became time to repay your debt to Henry you were unable to pay.  Would this situation affect your relationship with your friend Henry?  Sure it would, even if Henry was patient and gracious with you.  When you were around your friend Henry you would come under self-condemnation because of the large debt that you could not repay.  You would probably start avoiding your friend Henry so that you would not be reminded of the unpaid debt.

Now suppose that you had another good friend John.  Now John is a very rich businessman.  Suppose that John hears of your debt to Henry and he decides to pay off the debt for you.  In fact John decides to overpay your debt and he pays Henry $1 million USD and makes it clear to Henry that this is payment in full for your debt.  Before he is able to talk with you, your friend John then leaves for a three year business trip to another part of the world.

That is Grace, undeserved favor.  You did nothing at all.  John just overpaid your debt without you asking him or even knowing that he was paying your debt.  John did you a tremendous favor.

  • Is your debt paid?  Yes, in fact it has been overpaid. 
  • Is your friend Henry happy with you?  Yes, very!  Because of you he is now a millionaire!
  • Must you continue to make payments to Henry?  No.
  • Do you know your debt has been overpaid?  No.  No one has yet told you.

Now suppose that as John leave the country, he calls an assistant and asks the assistant to contact you and give you the gospel, the good news.  That messenger is distracted and does not understand the full story.  Later he telephones you and says that as John was leaving the country he paid some of your debt to Henry.  He doesn't know the details, but suggests you continue to make payments.  So, this is somewhat good news, but does nothing to give you the confidence to know that your debt has been paid.  The messenger has done a very poor job of delivering the good news.

Now suppose that as John leave the country, he calls a different assistant, a close friend of yours, and asks this assistant to contact you and give you the gospel, the good news.  This messenger instead of calling you he comes to your home to meet with you personally.  he is very excited and is rejoicing with you at the very great news he has to give you.  He makes it clear that John has paid Henry $1 million to clear your $50,000 debt.  John expects nothing from you because this is a gift to you.  Now you know your debt has been overpaid and you owe no one.  The next time you see Henry you can embrace him and rejoice with him that he has been enriched because of you!  You no longer have any self condemnation interfering with your relationships.

My friend, if you are born again, your debt has been over paid.  It is very important that you know this.  Jesus value to our Father greatly exceeds the value of all of the sins of the human race.  Our Father is not angry with you.  You are His beloved child.  His Grace, Jesus, paid your entire debt.